Experiments and accepted proposals

A1/1-18 Polarization transfer measurements in 40Ca(e,e'p)39K scattering
A1/1-13 Study of the nuclear density dependence of medium correction via polarization transfer measurement of protons removed from s- and p- shell in 12C

A1/1-12 Measurement of the elastic A(Q2) form factor of the deuteron at very low momentum transfer and the extraction of the monopole charge radius of the deuteron

A study of the Q2-dependence of the structure functions PLL - PTT/ε and PLT and the generalized polarizabilities αE and βM in Virtual Compton Scattering at MAMI
Study of the Roper resonance in the p(e, e'p0; process
Coherent Φ-meson electro-production on nuclear targets

Electric form factor of the neutron at Q2 = 1.5 (GeV/c)2 using polarized 3He
A1/2-05 Measurements of the elastic electron-proton cross section and separation of the form factors Ge and Gm in the Q2 region from 0.1 (GeV/c)2 to 2 (GeV/c)2

A1/1-03 Separation of transverse and longitudinal structure functions in p(e,e'K+)L at W = 1.66 GeV, Q2 = 0.2 (GeV/c)2 in parallel kinematics

A1/1-00 Double Polarization Virtual Compton Scattering in the threshold regime
A1/2-00 The structure of 3He (Postscript)

A1/1-99 Separation of transverse and longitudinal structure functions in p(e,e'π+)n at W = 1125 MeV, Q2 = 0.07 (GeV/c)2 in parallel kinematics
A1/2-99 Measurement of the neutron electric form factor in D(e,e'n)p at Q2 = 0.6 and 0.8 (GeV/c)2

A1/1-98 Charged pion electroproduction at 5 MeV above threshold for a measurement of axial and induced pseudoscalar form factors
A1/2-98 An Exploratory Study of the Possible Existence of a new light Baryon of Mass Mp<M<Mp+Mπ in the 1H(e,e'p)X and 1H(e,e'π+)X Reactions
A1/3-98 Amplitudes of π0 electroproduction at Q2 = 0.18 (GeV/c)2 in the Δ-region
A1/4-98 Investigation of the 3He(e,e'pn) reaction
A1/5-98 First Study of the 16O(e,e'pn)14N Reaction

A1/2-93 Addendum to Experiment A1/2-93:
Measurement of Polarized Protons from Quasielastic Electronscattering

A1/1-97 Investigation of short-range nucleon-nucleon correlations using the reaction 16O(e,e'pp)14C in super-parallel kinematics

A1/1-96 Threshold Measurement of the coherent d(e,e'd)π0 Reaction
A1/2-96 Measurement of 3He(e,e'π±p) triple coincidence as search for preformed Δ-baryons in the 3He ground state
A1/3-96 y-dependence of Response-Function Separations on 3,4He for 0 < E miss < 100 MeV

A1/1-95 Nucleon structure study by virtual Compton scattering
A1/2-95 Measurement of the spectroscopic factors of 4He using parallel kinematics at momentum transfers around 1 GeV/c
A1/3-95 Study of nuclear correlations through the (e,e'pp) reaction
A1/4-95 Measurement of the neutron electric form factor via 3He(e,e'n)

A1/1-94 Threshold pion electroproduction
A1/2-94  Measurements of the angular distribution of 3He(e,e'π±) and the Δ++ knockout in 3He(e,e'pπ+)

A1/1-93 Studies of the (e,e'p) Reaction at High Missing Energy
A1/2-93  Measurement of Polarized Protons from Quasielastic Electron Scattering on 12C and 40Ca
A1/3-93  Measurement of E2/C2 contributions in N->Δ transition through the (e,e'p0 reaction

A1/1-90 Investigation of the Electroproduction of Multi-hadron Final States in the Quasielastic, Dip and Δ Resonance Region
A1/2-90 Measurement of 1H(e,e'π+)n in Parallel Kinematics
A1/3-90 Measurement of the neutron magnetic form factor
A1/4-90  Forward-Angle Electroproduction of Pions in 3He
A1/5-90 Separation of the Longitudinal and the Transverse Structure Functions of Deuterium at high Initial Momenta
A1/6-90 Complete measurement of the (e,e'p) cross section on 12C and 16O (48Ca)