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A Bristol - CERN - Genoa - Grenoble - Heidelberg (Univ. and MPIfK) - Mainz - Moscow collaboration

The Hyperon Beam Experiment WA89 is a large acceptance forward spectrometer dedicated to the spectroscopy of charmed strange baryons and exotic multiquark states like the U-diquonium and the H-dibaryon. The strange quark in the beam should make a production of final states containing strangeness rather efficient. The study of charmed baryons aims at the better understanding of charm and baryon production and their decay properties governed by an interplay of weak and strong interaction. The observation of yet unobserved missing baryon ground and excited states will be a further test of the very successful constituent quark model. This is true in particular for the spectroscopy of exotic quark configurations as their observation or nonobservation will lead to a deeper understanding of the short range interaction between quarks bound in a hadronic system.



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