28th Students' Workshop on
Electromagnetic Interactions
Bosen (Saar), September 4 - 9, 2011



The aim of this year’s workshop is:

·       to present and discuss the main projects of the new SFB application

·       to present and to discuss current topics of hadronic physics

·       to advance and tighten the connections between physicists working in the field of hadronic physics
with electromagnetic interactions, already at the student and postdoc level

·       to create a forum, where students and postdocs can present their work in front of an international auditory



Topics and Speakers:

Preliminary list of speakers:

V. Baru (Bochum), A. Denig (Mainz), C. Fernandez-Ramirez (Madrid), J. Gegelia (Bochum), W. Gradl (Mainz)

M. Ostrick (Mainz), V. Pascalutsa (Mainz), C. Sfienti (Mainz), M. Vanderhaeghen (Mainz)

Preliminary list of topics:

Structure of the Nucleon and Nucleon Resonances

Few-Body Physics and Effective Field Theory

Meson Structure and Dynamics

Chiral Perturbation Theory and Threshold Pion Photoproduction

Hadron Physics and Precision Tests of the Standard Model



Participation will be limited to about 60 participants with priority to younger scientists. 

The meeting will take place at

Victor’s Seehotel Weingärtner
D-66625 Bosen/Saarland.

The meeting will begin on Sunday evening, September 4th and end on Friday, September 9th, at noon.