28th Students' Workshop on
Electromagnetic Interactions
Bosen (Saar), September 4 - 9, 2011

1 Overview

We will again provide computing facilities and an internet uplink for the participants of the workshop.

The computing equipment is property of the Institut für Kernphysik and belongs to the A1 collaboration and the computing department. Please read the usage conditions at:

  • Benutzungsregelungen für die Rechenanlagen des Instituts (German)

    2 Provided facilities

    We will provide three X-Terminals with a standard set of programs. A b/w laser printer will be available, too. You can log on with the passwords provided at the terminals.

    3 Notebook use

    Additionally, you can bring your own notebook and connect it to the network.
  • We will provide a small number of standard 10/100Base-T Ethernet ports on a switch. You will have to bring your own cable.
  • A wireless lan connection conforming to IEEE 802.11b or IEEE 802.11g will be possible, too (ESSID: kphnet). For this, you have to register the MAC-Address of your wlan card. The connection is scrambled. The password will be given to you at the registration. A DHCP server will provide the configuration data.

    4 Internet access

    We will try to provide a fast uplink to the internet. To reduce the risk of misuse, only the services ssh, telnet, pop and imap will be allowed a direct internet connection.
    Web and ftp access will only be possible through a proxy server. You have to set up your browser to use www.bosen.kph ( port: 3128 as a proxy.
    Please note that all connections are logged. The use of file sharing networks is prohibited.
    If you need to use another service, feel free to contact one of the administrators.
    During the talks, the internet connection will be switched off.

    5 Presenting your talk

    For the presentation, we will provide a beamer and a laptop with Acrobat Reader and Powerpoint. Please make sure that all non standard fonts are embedded in your files.
    To upload the talk to the notebook, it would be best if you can provide your talk on an usb stick or a CD.
    We recommend to make use of the pdf format. Please give your files meaningful names like author_title.pdf.

    6 Contact and help

    During the Bosen workshop, there will be two administrators around. Feel free to contact them if you have problems or questions.