A1 Kinematics Calculator



This Java applet calculates the kinematics for selected A1 reactions. Your browser must be able to interpret Java applets, we've tested this program with Netscape 2.02. You might have to enable the Java option ("Security Preferences" for Netscape) first.

If you see the picture, you can start to define your kinematics. You can choose a value for

E0the initial electron beam energy [MeV]
q the photon fourmomentum transfer [GeV/c]
W the total center of mass energy [MeV]
θCMSthe center of mass in plane production angle []
with the scrollbars. For production via an intermediate state you can also choose
MassX the mass of the intermediate state [MeV/c]
θdecay the decay angle in the rest system of X, in respect to the direction of X [].
A red window indicates an error, e.g. production below threshold or negativ electron energy etc. Watch the status line for more information. ___________________________

Some Reactions

H(e,e'p)π0 We investigate threshold π0 production as tests of chiral perturbation theory.

With polarized beam and proton polarimeter, this reaction is also well suited to investigate the N->Δ transition (Nucleon deformation).

H(e,e'n)π+ Measure the axial form factor of the Proton.
More threshold reactions to verify (or falsify ;-) ) chiral perturbation theory.
D(e,e'p)n Electro disintegration of deuteron.
p(e,e'p)γ Virtual Compton Scattering.
12C(e,e'[Δ->p,π-])11C Choose (e,e'Resonance)... to define this reaction. With triple coincidence we can clearly separate the 11C ground state and tag the Delta production via the mass of the p-pi subsystem.
3He(e,e' p p)n Choose (e,e'Resonance)... to define this reaction, define the p p sub system as resonance (just for kinematics, of course). Triple coincidence experiment for 3He breakup. We gain information about 2 nucleon correlations.
3He(e,e' p)x Choose (e,e'Resonance)... to define this reaction, take D + gamma as decay particles to access the complete Emiss/Pmiss range.
12C(e,e'[ρ->π+-])12C Choose (e,e'Resonance)... to define this reaction.

Some more Definitions

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